Sunday, 24 June 2012

Four Fab Diva's

B.O.M's Fabulous Four Spotlight Diva's

Suddenly  Susan Eyo-Honesty

She's been in the spotlight for over a decade ,you all remember the graceful Deputy editor of 'City People Magazine' and now the fashionable editor of 'Glam & Essence fashion Magazine and Ceo-Eve 2000. A woman to recon with ,susan talks to Faith Irabor about her life after city people  and the love and happiness publishing has always given to her.....Susan's sexy look really gave the B.O.M team alot of Buzz as her personality catches everyones eye,she's fun and a Great woman indeed! 

Patience Ozorkuo

Lets get upclose and personal with our B.O.M Ladies,Starring the Nollywood veteran actress Patience Ozorkuo (also known as Mama-G).Her personality is nothing like that we see on screen. Shes fun to be with and we all had a blast just having her onset. Patience tells us about her life in nollywood,how she stay's healthy and why she loves acting so much she can 'Turn down a script'....for the right reasons.

'Something About Maste Uwatse
We know the thrilling voice that keeps us company during traffic hours and long drives in our cars and when we relax with the radio on at home, thats the voice of Matse 'Wazobia Fm's on air Personality. Now here's the face to that sexy voice...She talks about her chilhood and how people are always so surprised she has two different personalities from being so calm in person and being MASTE.....

Its Jumai Shaba

Shes young, vibrant, sexy and playful.....Jumai Shaba, the baby of the Fabulous 4 Spotlight Diva's. W e talked to Jumai about how she got picked for the Jara program on Dstv.She tells us how deeply she believes in the Islamic faith and how it keeps her going. Her strong religious background, her up bringing and still being able to stay fit in the entertainment industry....Jumai is a new face here to stay and souring for the top...

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  1. OMG! now i have a face to match the beautiful maste wazobia,thanx for always keeping me company in traffic lol