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Fact & Remedy of thinning Hair!

Fact & Remedy of Thinning hair

Is your hair thinning out and you have no clue why? Lets start with what product you put in your hair.As we have different hair products for thinning hair that are currently on the market, how do you know which ones actually work? Even women in their twenties experience hair loss, whether it is due to genetics or damage hair from styling or poor nutrition, among other factors. Part of it is just plain old aging. For instance the diameter of the hair shaft naturally diminishes as we get older, so even if you have the same number of hair follicles your hair strands will look thinner, making it seem like you have less hair.

Baldness in women
side baldness from weave fixing
Even Naomi's gone bald
Although balding is more of an overtly male disease, according to the American Hair Loss Association, women actually make up 40 percent of hair loss sufferers. And just so you know, a hair grows about a half-inch per month from its follicle. Each individual hair grows for two to six years, rests, falls out, then new hair grows in its place. Unfortunately, sometimes, when a hair falls out, a new hair does not grow.

In what is called female pattern baldness, the cause of this inability to grow new hair is not well understood,  which occurs in men and women -- damages the hair follicles. Some women become excessively bald in certain area's from overbraiding the hair or fixing a weave every other month without allowing the hair breathe. It also most likely has to do with genes, aging and levels of endocrine hormones. The hormonal process of testosterone converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Note: All you need to remember as you're reading this is that DHT is not your friend because it triggers hair loss and inhibits hair growth.

Major Causes of Hair loss

 - Underactive thyroid
- Telogen effluvium (temporary hair shedding)
- Alopecia areata (an immune disorder causing temporary hair loss)
- Hair coloring and Relaxer processed hair's
- Breaking of hair due to styling treatments and pulling of hair
- Iron deficiency
- Vitamin deficiency
- Certain medications
- Particular skin diseases
- Hormonal abnormalities
- Stress

Can lifestyle changes prevent hair loss?

Lifestyle choices can affect the rate at which you lose, or don't lose, hair. Stress and poor diet, for example, can accelerate hair loss.
"When you don't eat enough food or avoid the necessary vitamins, your hair will lose the nutrients that make it strong and beautiful. If you wear tight hair styles such as braids or ponytails all the time, you can actually develop traction alopecia, where the hair is constantly pulled until the hair falls out."
Caution is raised against using perms or coloring, that contain strong chemicals such as peroxide and lye, and shampoos and styling products with sodium lauryl sulfate and silicones because these ingredients can exacerbate scalp and follicle problems.

Steps to combat thinning hair

If you're noticing an unusual loss of hair, see your doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions. With a doctor's approval, you can take various cosmetic avenues, from medication to low level laser therapy, widely known as "cold laser therapy." Cold lasers have been commonly used to heal wounds and treat edema. The strength of cold lasers lie in their power to accelerate cell processes. Lasers can stimulate and reactivate dormant cells within the hair follicle, The laser system used at her clinic has been introduced to physicians allover the world

Going Natural Stops Hair Loss

 Growing your Natural hair also helps with Hair loss, hair not chemically processed have better chances of not thinning out or falling out
 1. Try to let your natural hair grow out more before re-doing a perm.
 2. Use Hair products targeted for your hair type, Africans should use products friendly to their hair textures while caucasians use products suitable for their hair types.

Laser therapy stimulates hair follicle cells for hair re-growth

One option for treatment, the Precision Laser Therapy system, uses infrared light therapy and laser technology, housed in a large plastic hood that looks much like a salon hair dryer. It directs light on the scalp to "awaken" cells within the hair follicle from dormancy. This stimulates cell metabolism, leading to hair growth.
"Most importantly, don't ignore [thinning hair or hair loss] "Many women stay in denial for too long and let it get worse than it should have been, which makes it harder to take care of .

How to stop that hair from thinning
 When shopping for hair products for thinning hair, you want to look for shampoos and conditioners that say volumizing on the label and that contain ingredients like wheat or rice protein, which helps thicken strands. Loreal hair, Pureology PureVolume Shampoo and Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Shampoo ,Nuctris Garnier,Aveeno hair shampoo are recommended hair products for thinning hair. Vitamin supplements that help grow hair & promotes good skin are also very effective.
Also avoid stiff, maximum-hold hairspray or hair gels that leads to breakage of hair, and instead use flexible hairsprays like Pantene Pro-V Classic hairspray Flexible Hold, which are less likely to cause breakage or spray with a light moisturizer before applying a holding spray.

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Meet the B.O.M Team

Meet The  B.O.M Team!

Da Fashion Stylists:

Muna Iyanam (Gazzelle Image )
She styled our 1st B.O.M Magazine Cover with Munachi Abii. A former MBGN queen now turned one of the best Nigerian Female Rappers. A stylist with a creative twist,thats Gazzelle styling..........

Wonuola  Ohio (Ohio Styles)
I am an innovative fashion stylist based in UK but spend most of my time in london & lagos, I attended London college of fashion to study fashion styling. I am passionate about fashion and i enjoy styling and i can work with any brief. My portfolio ranges from advertisements, music videos, magazine covers, celebrity styling, and many more. My unique sense of style is as beautiful as it is versatile, combining street sophistication with vintage accents and always a modern twist to create my unique brand of elegance

Yetunde Babaeko-Camara Studios
(Cover -Photographer)

Yetunde is a Professional photogher and the C.E.O of Camara studios. She is a top Celebrity photographer that has a long list of her works, from celebs,advertorial,bridal ,High fashion, events and prints. She is half German and half Nigerian. Happily married with 2 handsome kids. A great lady with a great personality and skills in photography,a force to recon with.

Lolade Adamson
L.360 founded by Lola Adamson, a Nigerian-based international public relations and marketing agency that specialises in offering a wide range of services and the highest level of personal and creative strategic planning for luxury, corporate, entertainment and cutting-edge brands.
We have gained a well-earned reputation as a respected, integrated firm offering public relations,services, agency bookings, artist management, event development, commercial,
marketing and brand communication.
These are our passions. Combining innovative media relations, strategic alliance ,direct marketing, and corporate networking.
L.360 creates
campaigns that exceed client expectations.


From left,kuro,Oge,tonye,lowla,renique,esther,muna,Eni lise,susan,yetunde,patience,matse,jumai,kene,emmy & wonu!

B.O.M  Makeup Artists:
Fred Kuro (The Look)
'For Matse Uwatse's Makeup'
Kuro is a freelance makeup artist ,from Lagos ,Nigeria..He was fascinated by
the art of applying make-up at an early age watching his mum , aunt and older sisters apply make-up with the utmost zeal..It intensified his enthusiasm for knowledge in this field of art and he pursued his passion proactively achieving his certificate in basic make up at DSAP (the Daystar Skill Acquisition Programme)and more training in fashion, photography and airbrush make up,from the Lise Beauty makeup school headed by Eni-Balogun,one of Nigeria's premier make up artist..

Kene Iloeje (Ziona)
'For Patience Ozorkuo's makeup'
Iloeje Kenechukwu is a professional and Certified Makeup Artist who loves to do
what she does best: Makeup! She went into makeup artistry in 2008 and got certified in 2009. She is currently the CEO of Ziona Makeovers which is into makeup for all occassions. Her best makeup look is Smokey Eyes!

Renique Bolujoko (Kekewa)
'Jumai Shaba's Makeup'
My name is Renique Bolujoko.I am  freelance makeup artist.I specialize in
runway,beauty,editorial makeup,special occassions,photoshoots etc.

Yemisi Dada (N'sure Beauty)
'For Susan Eyo-Honesty's Makeup'

The Hair Styling Team!
Teejay Diva's & Emmy Style
TeeJay Diva's

Emmys Working on Jumai Shaba

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Looking Foreva Young!

Top Beauty Tips for  Staying RADIANT!

How to Look  Forever Young.      

You always have to apply sunscreen on your hands and neck,”  “They’re just as important as your face, and they show aging the fastest! Paying attention to those spots has given me skin that looks quite youthful for my age.”says our 50's cover girl.
Maintainaning your Skin Routine

Cleansing your skin
You need to make it a habit if you haven’t already to cleanse your face before you sleep. This will ensure that your facial skin is free of any impurities such as dirt and makeup from a long day and allows your skin to breathe freely. Always use lukewarm or cool water to cleanse and wash your face so that unecessary oils aren’t removed from your skin. Always pat your face dry with a clean towel to leave your face slightly moist. Ensure that you use an oil-free cleanser for oily skin or one which is suitable for oily skin and for dry skin use a cleanser with cream.
Exfiliating your skin
In order to maintain smoothness and achieve great looking skin you should exfoliate your skin at least once a week using a good quality facial scrub such as St Ives Apricot Scrub. Exfoliate peels off a the dead skin which makes your skin look dull and unfresh. After the dead skin is peeled off, the skin will look clearer and younger. If your budget allows you to, you may also choose to have regular microdermabrasion treatments.
Moisturising your skin
Regardless of what skin type you have, moisturisation is important. Oily skin also requires moisturisation but chose a cream that is suitable for oily skin types. You will need to determine how much moisturisation your skin requires depending on the dryness and tightness of your skin. You also need to protect your skin from sun damage, so opt to use a moisturiser which contains sunscreen or apply a sunscreen seperately. If you use makeup, apply good quality makeup which contain sun protection ingredients (SPF).

By Sade Ashade (Pro-Mua)

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Four Fab Diva's

B.O.M's Fabulous Four Spotlight Diva's

Suddenly  Susan Eyo-Honesty

She's been in the spotlight for over a decade ,you all remember the graceful Deputy editor of 'City People Magazine' and now the fashionable editor of 'Glam & Essence fashion Magazine and Ceo-Eve 2000. A woman to recon with ,susan talks to Faith Irabor about her life after city people  and the love and happiness publishing has always given to her.....Susan's sexy look really gave the B.O.M team alot of Buzz as her personality catches everyones eye,she's fun and a Great woman indeed! 

Patience Ozorkuo

Lets get upclose and personal with our B.O.M Ladies,Starring the Nollywood veteran actress Patience Ozorkuo (also known as Mama-G).Her personality is nothing like that we see on screen. Shes fun to be with and we all had a blast just having her onset. Patience tells us about her life in nollywood,how she stay's healthy and why she loves acting so much she can 'Turn down a script'....for the right reasons.

'Something About Maste Uwatse
We know the thrilling voice that keeps us company during traffic hours and long drives in our cars and when we relax with the radio on at home, thats the voice of Matse 'Wazobia Fm's on air Personality. Now here's the face to that sexy voice...She talks about her chilhood and how people are always so surprised she has two different personalities from being so calm in person and being MASTE.....

Its Jumai Shaba

Shes young, vibrant, sexy and playful.....Jumai Shaba, the baby of the Fabulous 4 Spotlight Diva's. W e talked to Jumai about how she got picked for the Jara program on Dstv.She tells us how deeply she believes in the Islamic faith and how it keeps her going. Her strong religious background, her up bringing and still being able to stay fit in the entertainment industry....Jumai is a new face here to stay and souring for the top...

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B.O.Magazine Partners with Mides Mane!

Introducing Our Patnership with MIDE'S MANE- A luxury virgin hair brand with the best in quality hair sourcing and supplies at glaring affordable prices for every womans budget.

All B.O.Magazine cover girls will be wearing nothing but MIDE'S MANE....Hope you love the hair on our 4 cover Spotlight Diva's in this JULY edition. From Anino,Uwana,Tade to Asabe....Every woman has her favorite pick-Simply visit  www.midesmane.com Guess what Jumai is wearing???

B.O.Magazine's July Spotlight Diva's

Its here! You loved the 1st edition of B.O.Magazine that featured 'Munachi Abii 'and now the long awaited 2nd Issue is here. We're bringing to you Our 4 Spotlight Diva's-Patience Ozokuo(nollywood veteran),Maste Uwatse of Wazobia fm, Susan Eyo (Editor Glam & essence)and Jumai Shaba(Jara ).....Styled by two of the newest and quick rising stylists: Muna of Gazzelle image consultants and Uk Based Wonu- Ohio Styles,with the professional expertise of makeup artists (Fred Kuro,Kene Iloeje,Renique bolujoko & Yemisi Nsure) . Successful edition ,thanks to the  B.O.M Team- Get your copy ,Out on the streets JUNE 28th...