Thursday, 28 June 2012

Freebie Friday I

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Question Of the Day is :  
Whats your Eye brow Grooming method & Why?
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  1. I tweeze my brows,it takes awhile to grow back when I tweeze-Titiloye A.

  2. I groom my eyebrows by plucking it with a tweezer,the reason why I use tweezers is because it gives me a precise shape and it plucks individual hair one after the other so I don't get to over remove the hair.plucking my eyebrow with a tweezer enable me get an even shape for my eyebrow,after which I use a brow powder and an angled brush to fill in my eyebrow to give it a natural look

  3. The past 3 years, I have been using razors to shape my brows. Its easier for me, less painful and I can get it done within a minute or two as against when I tweezed them.

  4. The past 3 years, I have been using razors to shape my brows. Its easier for me, less painful and I can get it done within a minute or two as against when I tweezed them.

  5. i prefer to groom my eyebrow by using a tweezers because it is a precise method of removing straggly eyebrow hair and also it removes individual hair,one at a time.plucking my eyebrow with a tweezers gives my eyebrow an even shape,thereafter i fill the brows with a brow powder to give it a natural look....................comment by Funke Obamiro

  6. i prefer to pluck my eyebrow with a tweezers,because it is a precise method of removing straggly hair on my eyebrow.Also such precision allows individual hair to be pluck one at a time,and it also gives my eyebrow an even shape,thereafter i use my spoolie brush to dust off the removed hair,and my wipes to clean or cotton wool and a cleanser.Afterwards i fill my eyebrow with a brow powder using an angled brush.

  7. Threading. Because it lasts and it shapes the brow, without making it look sparse. I'm Kimmie Email- Kimmiekee@yahoo.com

  8. My eye brow grooming method is Eyebrow shaving with Razor.

    Because, eyebrow shaving is a quick and easy method for me. Also, it is not painful like waxing, plucking e.t.c. honestly I cannot stand those pains.
    The result also don’t last very long which me I prefer because I like changing my look. So when I shave my brows it is easy for me to grow it back in short time in case I want to look different.

  9. To groom my brows, I tweez them first to remove stray hairs, becos waxing is too harsh on d skin which could leas to wrinkles and skin thining, I then define my brow shape with a brow pencil that's same shade as my brows (sometimes I use a brow powder) then I outline with a little concealer and an angled brush just to bring out d arch and lastly I highlight with either a matte cream colored eyeshadow or a skintone satin finish eyeshadow (never use shimmer always gives a razz look) that's how I groom my brow. Ameze A. from lekki amazingamzy@yahoo.com

  10. I groom my eye brows by firstly threading them every two weeks to remove stray hairs. Threading is basically using a thread and its just like using tweezers or razor. However, i find that tweezers and razors can be a little sensitive to the skin near my eyebrows. Afterwards i then fill my eyebrows by using a brow pencil almost the same colour as my eyebrow hairs using light strokes so it can appear natural thereafter using an eyeshadow colour to brush through(Mac's Embark is very good and sleek brow kit is also a good alternative). i then define my eyebrow using a concealer one shade lighter than my skin tone to define the arch of the brow.I blend out using a concealer brush to avoid any crease I then finally highlight using mac's woodwinked eyeshadow.

    Note: I prefer getting my eyebrows done on my bare face before applying foundation that way it stands out.

    Name: Ihejieto Peace Chinwendu
    Email: spicypearl2002@yahoo.com

  11. I groom my brows using a brow stencil and a brow blade and I prefer this method because it is less painful and very easy. I clean with brow wipes to avoid any brow rash then fill brows with a light brown pencil and kron brow powder and lastly, I highlight with a light shade of concealer to get a well shaped brow.