Friday, 30 December 2011

EDITOR’S NOTE-Maiden Edition Jan 2012

Welcome to the maiden edition of all things beautiful. This is the season to be merrily extra fabulous and simply being you. As always, staying relaxed amidst all the holiday hussle and bustle. Enjoy the BOM quick beauty tips, health advice, flattering hairstyles and the latest in fashion trends.
While we all need a few advices here and there it always helps to improve on one’s image no matter the season of the year.
While a lot of us associate anything glitzy with the holidays, we still need to go easy. Have a splendid holiday and see you safe and sound in 2012!


Beauty Overdoze Magazine (B.O.M) is the brainchild of Award winning and New York certified makeup artist Eni Balogun. It is a publication which consists mainly on issues of beauty, health, hair, lifestyle, fashion, travel and entertainment. It’s a publication covering the most important things in the International scene and mostly the African beauty industry. B.O.M is every woman's luxury beauty guide and happens to be the only Health & Beauty magazine in the Nigerian market today.
B.O.M speaks to the new Nigerian woman -- urban, always cosmopolitan; as downtown as she is uptown; cultured and multi-cultural and always on the edge of fashion, culture and entertainment. The magazine represents a new, original voice on the news stand, a voice that speaks to a generation of women, old and young, from diverse cultures, upbringings and interests. It is an international & domestic home resource for all beauty professionals, beauty brands & companies, restaurant’s, hospitals and also to the general public. Serving establishments working in practically every industry cutting through from motion pictures to printing and publications, fashion, bridals, casuals, landscape beautification, stylists, advertising, entertainment, corporate, beauty parlours, health sectors, spas and more.

With featured articles on health & beauty of the industry’s upcoming beauty professional’s i.e. Hair stylists, makeup artists, health practitioners, cosmetic companies and manufacturers, B.O.M updates its readers on the most innovative beauty equipment's. It’s the most reliable source which delivers invaluable information and news on current product.
Beauty Overdoze offers a diverse range of articles that combine artistic and business skills, personal and financial growth, health, beauty and creative thinking, entertainment and events and the latest beauty information and products. With great opportunities designed for makeup & beauty professionals, beauty brands and consumers who share the passion for the love of everything glamorous and beautiful. From high fashion makeup, health topics and hair to high fashion clothing & accessories.