Thursday, 4 July 2013

Eulogy to a rare Gem.......EWAR

Eulogy to a Rare Gem

The Nigerian Makeup and beauty industry will miss you;

We can't Question God,or Can we? We were not close but we were friends on mutual grounds 'Makeup Industry'. 1st time I met her was when I just moved backed to Nigeria in 2007.We had a  shoot we did for 'Wedding Planner Magazine' I can still remember the pictures...her pose, like she was squeezing in, which she did because we were quiet a number of MUA's trying to get our poses right like it was a competition lol...But in all She had an innocence to her,young, beautiful and very talented, Her name EWAR' it does ring a bell in the yoruba adage graphically in mind-its a strong word and the meaning encompasses it ' like( Ile Oba tojo Ewa lo busi) means:The kings Palace that Got burnt only creates an opportunity to make it more beautiful than the last. (to build a bigger and better palace). 

We've met severally over the years on causes trying to improve the makeup industry in Nigeria,at events,hangouts etc. She always calls me Madam lise and I lol,coz of that. She was a great support & also thought I was crazy for trying to start a makeup artist association. But we all have a role to play in life,she had one and did it beautifully well with strength! 

An Artist, a mother? You learn doing these two things only by passion,i mean passion because as an MUA we don't get paid for every job we do. Just like we don't get paid for being a mum. But the title alone is a huge one that comes with big responsibilities. I know, I'm a mother to 3 and a mother to all I help mentor and guide. She really wanted to be a mum. No one knows tomorrow that's why it pays to be good always,humility and a big heart goes a long way,lay impacts and render help/support to those in need. 

 Death thought he had succeeded in taking her away after all the years of struggle but My God is Great! Ewar survived the ordeal by giving up herself for that title of being a MOTHER. Yes! She defied death and she Conquered. We can always call her a mum....Ewar..Nike...

Ewar delivered a baby girl to us, but she's taking care of her other angels in heaven now..."Let's all pray for her newborn,her family,friends & colleagues.

Our Ewar lives on in her daughter,so let's be grateful & thankful....

Lets celebrate her because she conquered!

 RIP Adenike of Ewar makeovers
 (U made yourself Over again,and we give you kudos for that! Orisa bi iya osi, sun re o!

Celebrate EWAR....leave your comments here. Thank you!

Editor in Chief
Eni Lise Balogun
Beauty Overdose Magazine 


  1. Rest in the bossom of the lord almighty adenike kareem aya ogungbe,u sure have a large heart n humble... Goodnight darln frend..

  2. yes our lovely damsel Adenike u came, saw and conquered...sleep on beauty. RIP

  3. yes Adenike she came, saw and conquered :-) sleep on beauty as u rest in d bosom of the LORD!

  4. Hmmm!! Truly "orisa bi iya kosi".. Sleep on the bossom Lord, ki Olorun fi orun ke e... Such a pleasant one.. Adieu!

  5. U came into ds world & u left a foot print in d world of makeup. I av never met with u personally buh u were ma mentor in d world of makeup artiste. Adenike Ogungbe Continue to rest in da bossom of d Lord. We love u buh God knows best. I personally will miss u

  6. Nice post, Rest In Peace Ewar xxxx

  7. Hmmmmm we can't question God av learnt lots from Ewar, only for me to meet her but I heard her death.the lord will strengthens the family and the baby.R.I.P adenike ogungbe sleep on on my Ewar

  8. Sleep on dear,May the Lord be with you till we meet again,Say HI to my mum,wud U? I'm sure she wud be nice to show u arnd..av a grt girls time out, Goodnite sweet