Thursday, 5 July 2012

Our 2nd B.O.Magazine Freebie Friday by Pandora's jewels!

Are you feeling LUCKY yet?
It's Our 2nd "Freebie Friday" Giveaway!

Sponsored by PANDoRA's JEWEL's (BB:28A236E6) Here's the Big Friday QUESTION ???
Gets 3 sets of Fashion Earrings

Question: You have 3 days left to live & 3million dollars in your bank account. What will be on your top 3 To-do list? Kindly post your answers here with name & email contacts...Goodluck guys!


  1. 1) Helping the needys,orphans,
    2) Helping less priveledges,widows, widowers,Helping all my families,friends.
    3) Making sure that I make d worlds a better place and bearable for those that I will live behind

  2. 1' give my parents 1 million,2. Giive my wife n kids 1.5M ,3. Give my extended family and friends 500k. That's wat I'll do with my 3m in 3days. My name is Soji Email dol49@hotmail.com

  3. USD3million is approximately N480,000,000 using the current rate.
    Firstly,I would take my parent to the best Spa in Nigeria to get facials and a massage.I want parent to always remember the special treat when I'm gone.I would also buy my mum and sisters a brand new car each.I would also take them out shopping .The total amount spend on my family would be USD2million.
    Secondly,I will donate USD500thousand to the NGOs that are dedicated to the course of widowed women and the Girl Child in Nigeria
    Thirdly,I will take a 2 days trip with my sweetheart to Dubai.We would give ourselves the best treat of a lifetime.We will visit some of the best Restaurant and other tourist places in Dubai.life is beautiful.the total amount to spend in Dubai would be USD500thousand.Adetutu Victoriaobaisa@yahoo.co.uk

  4. Firstly, I will give fifty percent of the money to my immediate family and some extended family members and friends. Twenty five percent will be given to the church where I worship and I'll donate the rest to charity.


  5. 3 days? Hmmmm.......
    1, Lodge into one of the finest 5 star hotels for 3 days with my loved one, and if I'm still single, my best friend. Then its 3 days of balling, the finest wines and food, then I probably will cry every night cause I really would not want to die, especially with that kind of money

    2, Buy enough call credit and call everyone I remember I offended and confess as well, then become born again so I don't go to hell. Would probably save the born again part for my last night cause I really don't know what I might do within those 3 days.

    3, Write my will minutes before I die. Leaving two thirds of the rest of the money for my parents and 2 siblings, then half of the one third for my loved one/best friend, then the rest to a motherless babies home.

    Tinu alassan (tinuolalassan@gmail.com)