Here are five trends to incorporate into your wardrobe for a stylish sunny season to come!

By: Sydne Summer

Once summer rolls around, the sartorial themes you’ll want to rock are decidedly louder and more vibrant than the looks you were donning in spring. Here are five trends to add to your list for a stylish sunny season to come!

1. Fluorescent Accents
Neon clothes spread like wildfire last summer. This year, the focus is more on fluorescent accessories. Try cinching a white dress with a day-glo green belt. Brighten up a black tank and jeans with electric heels. Or use a hot pink handbag to add a burst of fun to a basic summer outfit.

2. White Everything
An alabaster hue is white-hot for summer. Models literally displayed the blanched shade from head to toe on the runway. In real life, though, we need to balance it out. If you're wearing all-white clothing, go for a tan shoe and metallic bag. If you’re sporting some color in your outfit, then it's time to bust out that white purse that’s been buried since early September.

3. Stylish Stripes
All types of lines are en vogue for summer. Go nautical with navy and white stripes. Or try out the mod trend with thick black and white bands. You can mix prints by combining a striped top with floral jeans. Or use jewelry, like a bright statement necklace, to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral streaked blouse.

4. Shorts Suits
The power suit is back in a major way. For the summer, it's all about suit sets with shorts instead of pants or a skirt. If you don't feel like investing in a new suit, mix and match separates you already have in your closet — just pay attention to the hemline of your shorts. If your shorts are on the more abridged side, you’ll want to balance it out with a chunkier heel or wedge. If you have longer, knee-length shorts, you can get away with thinner stilettos.

5. Color Blocking
The color block trend has been de rigueur for quite some time now. This summer, update the look by playing with bold contrasting shades like tangerine and mint, lavender and yellow, or pink and sky blue. When donning the color block, stick with two to three hues max. Then use neutral accessories like beige, white, black and metallic to balance out the brights.

By p&g everyday