Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why men seek prostitutes!

Does your man seek prostitutes???

We all know it ,its always called "The world’s oldest profession, but sex work is far from an accepted industry in our country. Many people consider prostitution with disdain and disgust, while others wonder what the appeal is. Why do so many men go to sex workers, and what type of man is drawn to this world?

That is what a new study led by researchers from the University of Portland sought to discover. That just one percent of men had visited a sex worker in the past year, but that 14 percent of men reported visiting a sex worker at least once in their lives.

The researchers also delved into the men’s background and history. They found that men who served in the military were more likely to have paid for sex, and men who had a full-time job and were “sexually liberal” were also more likely to confess visiting a sex worker.

What can account for these findings?

Perhaps men in the military are more likely to visit prostitutes than men who are not in the service simply do to the nature of their job. Traveling to foreign countries and being overseas can make meeting partners difficult, and military men often don’t have the option to meet available women at bars or parties like the average man can. Men in the military might also be more accustomed to high-risk and dangerous situations, and this might explain why they are more inclined to visit sex workers when compared to non-service men who might be more cautious.

As for having a full-time job, it might simply come down to the fact that these are the men who have more expendable income to spend on sex. And, it’s easy see how being sexually liberal plays a role in a man’s decision to visit a sex worker. A conservative man might not be open to the idea of paying for sex, or for having sex outside of monogamy period.

The findings also noted a difference between men who utilize the Internet for sex and those who meet sex workers on the street. “Johns” who used sites such as Craigslist were more likely to be white and married, and they were also more likely to have graduate degrees and make an attractive salary.

These are interesting discoveries because they help to show us how technology is changing sex work and how men find available partners. They also help to show us that the men who pay for sex work are often “average” men, men who are successful and intelligent and perhaps even married. In other words, today’s John doesn’t necessarily meet the Hollywood image of a seedy man and a street corner, but rather that of a clean-cut guy logging onto his computer at night after work.

Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that sex work can still be a dangerous and risky activity for all parties involved. Not only are STDs an issue, but many sex workers are often abused, raped, and largely marginalized or forgotten about by society. These women tend to be the ones who pay the price for the crime, while the men often do little time. It might be the oldest profession in the world, but we are still a long way from being able to protect the women in these situations, and studies such as these help to clarify that the problem is much more multi-faceted and complex than it might at first appear. Now guys Ask yourselves the same question???

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