Thursday, 21 March 2013

WHAT!!! She has the longest dreadlocks in the world?


Here’s some inspiration for any of my rastabellas who are growing longer locks — Trinidad-born Asha Mandela is vying for a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records as the proud owner of the world’s longest dreadlocks. Her longest lock measures eight feet 9 inches long!

Now THAT is commitment.

I immediately identified with Asha’s hair journey, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel :

“Originally from Trinidad, Mandela started growing her dreads when she decided to stop using chemicals on her hair while she was living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She cut it all off and, as it grew back, began corkscrewing it into curls that in turn were twisted together into dreadlocks. Before her dreads were long enough to hang down, they stuck out from her head like long black fingers.

She sent her mother a picture. Her mother said not to send any more.

“She said, ‘I took such good care of your nice curly hair, and this is what you are doing with it?’ ” Mandela recalled. “She called it a mop for five years.”

I wonder if Asha’s mom has come to terms with her daughter’s hair, now that she’s grown her locs to such an impressive length?

Reportedly Asha washes her hair once a week at the most :

“Mandela said says she “used to wash it three times a week. Now I do it once a week. It’s very tiring. Sometimes I don’t have the energy.”

It takes one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner every time she washes her hair and can sometimes take days to fully dry after she washes it.”

And being the product junkie that I am, I’m wondering — what kind of shampoo and conditioner does Asha use?

I thought it was really interesting that her hair growth wasn’t motivated by religious reasons. It was a desire to celebrate her natural beauty.

Asha broke away from the hairstyling methods she was taught to find her own expression of beauty. I applaud that and wish her all the best!

Congrats Asha,on your Guinness world RECORD!

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