Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 ny'rs resolution!

5 ways to keep your New Year's resolutions in 2013



  • Make your resolution something you want, not what other people want.
  • Create a realistic action plan to fulfill your New Year's resolution.
  • Have someone hold you accountable for sticking to your New Year's goals.

If your New Year's resolutions from last year have gone unresolved, you're not alone. Now a new year offers another opportunity to achieve your goals, and these 5 tips should help you keep to your New Year's resolutions.

1. Make it something you really want. Don't make it a resolution that you "should" want or what other people tell you to want. It has to fit with your own values.
"Put some thought into it. And avoid knee-jerk New Year's resolutions. We encourage people not to make cheap resolutions, but to save it for something meaningful.

2. Limit your list to a number you can handle. "It's probably best to make two or three resolutions that you intend to keep. That way, you're focusing your efforts on the goals you truly want.

3. Be specific. "To be effective, resolutions and goals need to be pretty specific, "exercise more," in favor of "I'm working out at the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 p.m.

4. Automate. Automating financial goals can maximize your odds for success without you having to do anything.
If your goal is to save 100k this year, calculate the amount out of each check, then arrange to have it automatically deposited into your savings account each time you get paid.

5. Make a plan. Rather than stating one daunting goal, create a series of smaller steps to reach it.
"Have an action plan, Figure out exactly what you want to do...

Dont let it go in 1 'Y-EAR and out the Other lol....

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