Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Acne is a skin disease which is caused due to improper care of the skin. Dirty and oily skin is prone to have acne. Not only face but neck, chest and back of the body can be affected by acne, thus producing pimples. Face gets more exposure to dirt and germs in comparison to other parts of body. Therefore more pimples are produced on face and more care has to be taken for it. Having pimples on face won’t look nice. To get rid of pimples some protective measures could be taken.

Here are some tips which can be followed for treating acne problem
  • Keep your skin clean. Always wash your face when you come back from outside. Wash it with special soap for acne. Make sure you don’t wash in a harshly and also make sure that washing should be limited to say 2-3 times only. Frequent washing can increase the number of pimples on the face.
  • Habit of doing exercise is good for health as while performing exercise blood circulates through the whole body and delivers fresh oxygen. perspiration after exercise is an obvious thing. This collection of sweat will lead to collection of dirt and germs. This is responsible for increasing acne. So, after performing exercise you should take a bath and change into fresh clothes. This will help in decreasing the acne effect.
  • If you have long hair or bangs, then you should keep all your hair back. If constantly hair touches your face than hair oils will be deposited on the face. This will increase the oil content on the face and indirectly pimples will increase. So, avoid having hair in front on your face.
  • Avoid pricking, scratching and touching the pimples. If they are squeezed than the dirt particles will spread out in the unaffected areas. Instead of helping, this will add more and more pimples on the face and so one should stay away from doing this.
  • Before going to bed, remove your makeup. Chemicals will affect in adverse ways on pimples. In day time also, try and apply as little makeup as you can. If you can avoid it completely than it’s the best choice. Use as much natural things on the face as you can. Organic or mineral makeup can be a good alternative.
  • Non-oily lotions and moisturizers should be used. If oily ones are used, then obviously oil content will increase and so would pimples. Therefore, check the bottle before you buy one.
  • Diet also plays an important role in improving the condition of acne. Junk food, colas, caffeine, high-sugar content food should be avoided. Instead go with salads, whole wheat bread, oats, fresh fruits & vegetables, carrots & other vitamin A rich food. This will help in decreasing the acne effect.
  • Keep your body hydrated. Drinking little amount of water will increase the dead skin cells and this will lead to dirty skin. Dirty skin will be responsible for more pimples.
Keep your skin neat and clean. This will help to reduce the effect of acne on the skin. Pimple-free skin looks beautiful and everyone will like to complement too.


  1. very interesting read ,now i know what im doin wrong,thank u bo mag

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